The WEworld Community (WE)  continuously elaborates its basis of common agreement in an open process  intending to reflect the WEworld - an imagined sustainable human life form on earth. The WEworld is held to be the evolutionary destiny of humanity - one more truly viable life form, along with animals and plants. In this evolving process, "We" shapes, through emotion, thoughts, vocal cords, codes, technology and actions, the wished form of community, in a similar way as DNA determines the organism. Research on the WEworld should be performed by all involved parties, jointly and openly, rather than by individuals and secretive groups.

WE invites all communities to partake in building the WEworld Community, an asylum in which strategies for the WEworld, can be evolved in peace, and where means for implementation of appropriate projects can be found. WE wants its web site to become a forum for common and local research on the WEworld and on it published results to make up the WE-basis, continuously updated by the research.

It is hoped that WEgroups are formed all over the world to contribute to the evolution of a human life form and to serve as organs for implementation of appropriate common and local projects. The groups will be encouraged to build WEhouses, habitats designed to provide an enabling environment for approaching the WEworld.

The WEhub is a WEgroup under supervision of WE, that runs the web site and handles legal matters and formalities. It also manages common resources and distributes them to the WEgroups according to each ones need.  

 WE supports projects that build the vision of the WEworld. Such projects will be monitored on the web site, and rated by WE with regard to their WEworld affinity.

WE promotes the idea that the choice of technology be based on propriety rather than profit. Some technologies presently in use, have been able to pass best before date, due to their profit generation and to old habit. WE works to update these by WEworld promoting alternatives.

The WEworld needs:

    A global means of transportation that is accessible for all and that satisfies highest standards of environmental cleanness, safety, comfort, capacity and speed.

    A monetary system controlled by the people and not by vested financial interests

    Clean and sustainable energy supply from renewable sources.

    Enabling habitats adapted to human needs, and socio-physical conditions.

    All people to have the same opportunities, and unite to jointly do away with poverty and injustices.

    Care accessible to all with no segregation.

    Control of industrial activities with regard to their world environment and ethical responsibility (=their We-ness).

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