Democracy prevents dictatorship and fascism and maybe war, but nor egoism (leading to corruption), neither global capitalism are affected.

And democracy seems unable to provide satisfactory protection for minorities. It is assumed that the minority is cared for by the majority, but this is only assumed and not formalized in the system. Democracies therefore show different solutions of the issue, depending on how much egoism is allowed to influence. And it seems as if the amount of egoism is increased with time in most democracies.

Democracy is upheld by the state because the state controls the executive power.

A community needs, however, a ruling system that holds up people sovereignty not state sovereignty. People need formal channels allowing them to partake in community rule including planning and control of own living conditions. Weocracy is such a system, which is being developed by and applied within WE (WEworld community). To support people sovereignty, WE works to provide preconditions enabling people to prove themselves and to communicate with each other. People in this context means deliberate and compassionate groups (we-groups). WE helps people to deal with their living conditions without fear of becoming victims of hostile powers exploiting them, as they are now by transnational corporations.

The we-groups being attentive to their project environments, report threats, injustices, abuses and want, on which information WE can react swiftly to supply proper aid. This aid may contain general advice and we-world designed methods along with skill and financial resources. All we-groups are monitored by WE and accountable for their finances. The we-groups will encounter both internal and external conflicts. By the power of WE, they will be enabled to over-come them, and their adversaries hopefully will turn to become we-groups. By this way WE will extend over the surface of the earth.

WEOCRACY will interfere with the internal organization of the we-groups, only if this is required by the we-group itself. WE, however, continuously observes the formation of a we-group and evaluates it with regard to its contribution to the shaping of a sustainable world. This evaluation is communicated to the group.

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