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Princeton University scientists say they've determined exercising in groups, rather than alone, produces better results and is better for the brain.

Many people struggle to maintain a regular exercise schedule on their own, but they do better when they exercise with friends. Now Elizabeth Gould and colleagues have studied the effects of running on the generation of new neurons - neurogenesis -- in the brains of adult rats housed in groups and in isolation.

The authors report that running increased neurogenesis only when rats were housed in groups and, in rats that run in social isolation, neurogenesis is suppressed.

The scientists said running caused similar elevations of the stress hormone corticosterone in isolated or group- housed rats, but only animals that ran alone were vulnerable to the negative influence of corticosterone on neurogenesis.

Moreover, individually housed runners showed higher levels of corticosterone in response to additional stress when compared with group-housed runners, the researchers said. Preventing the elevation in corticosterone levels in individually housed runners stimulated neurogenesis.

The results, appearing in the current issue of the journal Nature Neuroscience, suggest that without social interaction, a normally beneficial experience can have negative effects on the brain.  

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...all of us

BOSTON (UPI) -- Tufts University scientists say they've determined diverse groups perform better than homogenous groups when it comes to decision making.

The researchers say they believe that's due largely to dramatic differences in the way whites behave in diverse groups -- changes that occur even before group members begin to interact.

"Traditional arguments in favor of diversity often focus on ethics, morality and constitutionality," said Samuel Sommers, assistant professor of psychology. "I wanted to look at the observable effects of diversity on performance."

In a study involving 200 participants on 29 mock juries, panels of whites and blacks performed better than all-white groups, using a number of measures.

"Such diverse juries deliberated longer, raised more facts about the case, and conducted broader and more wide-ranging deliberations," said Sommers. "They also made fewer factual errors in discussing evidence and when errors did occur, those errors were more likely to be corrected during the discussion."

The study is detailed in the April issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

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WE undertakes and supports World Extending inventions and services. Necessary skill is found within WE and financial means by marketing these inventions and services.

 We all grew up and extended our world from the close family, to friends, to the school-class, to the nation and, at the end of the day, to the World.

During this adaption process, the contents of our "we" changes towards that of the world we.

The process is channelled in a framework of national, social, cultural, technological, historical, political, religious, ethical and economical character - the Ultra structure (Us)*. This is based on trust but out of reach for deliberation - we do not choose it, but it is simply there for us.

The Us is a skeleton spanned by human aspirations and activities. It promotes formation of the "we" of individuals and institutions, like families, communities, nations and companies.

The purpose and objectives of WE is to rebuild the Us to fit the we-world.

It is believed that by un-disguising the Us, the world becomes accessible to deliberation, accessibility and deliberation being essential properties of Us, not monopolistic exclusivity.

Us, entailing all possibilities and limitations of being, is seen by WE as a tool for appropriating the World Infrastructure (Is) to complete human being as a truly global species.

At the end of this adoption process, WE sees a harmonic unification of man and his global environment - The WE-World

*The concept is used in biology to name structures invisible in light microscope.

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