The Vision

Imagine a world where...


...distribution of knowledge and goods is the capital community interest.

...everybody counts and therefore everybody in the first room looks, not for his/her own advantage, but for the community welfare..

...all ideas are accepted at face value and tried with regard to their validity.


...everybody says: -I exist, not because I think, but because of us,

...we is written with capitals, as I is.

...the other, by default, is not foe but friend

...those that have, provide for those that don´t

...everybody is able to live in conviviality with the others, their common life based on comprehensive and proper information.

...everybody is able to go to anybody without restrictions


...common means are used for common ends.

...money is seen as common means along with natural resources.

...abuse of common means is promtly and efficiently rejected.

To achieve this world, the following measures may help:

Initiate an open symposium on the Internet aiming at concretizing methods.that would lead to the ends, and technical devices that would serve the purpose.

Invite people in all countries to partake in this process.

Engage them to form groups to facilitate projects defined by the symposium. .

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